Sticky slime? Here’s how to fix it!

Sticky slime? Here’s how to fix it!

1. mix 1 teaspoon of the provided borax powder (you may have extra) with 1 cup of warm water, mix to make sure it is fully dissolved.

2. mix small amounts into the sticky slime, CAREFULLY, until your slime is no longer sticky.

tip: if you add too much activator the slime will harden :-( make sure to add small amounts.
1. wash your hands before and after playing w slime or it will stick

2. slime sticks to fabrics, only play w slime on non-porous surfaces

3. store your slime in its container when you're not playing. (it is important to shut the lid tight!)

4. play with the slime over a table and work quickly so it doesn't stick

5. have fun! and relax ! slime is an instant stress reliever :-)
6. for the can't believe it's not slime CLAY_DOH:  always keep in airtight container.  If it harden because we are slime addicts lol, try using a few drops of warm water to rehydrate the clay-doh.

Is your slime too hard/stiff?

  • white glue base slimes:  massage slime with warm water (becareful and use a few drops at a time)
  • clear: you can leave in a warm spot (window sill in sunlight) a day or two


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