Therapeutic Benefits of Slime Collection

Slime that is good for the mind.

The Therapeutic Benefits Of Slime

“What’s slime used for?” This is a question I get almost every day in social media comments, DMS, and even real life. And the general answer is that there is no specified purpose. The beauty of slime is that it’s so multipurpose. Most commonly slime is associated with a childish toy, however, since starting this business I realized that slime is so much more than that. I started this business just by making one singular slime and filming a short clip for my instagram. I always loved making slime and playing with doughy toys as a child and that never changed as I grew into a teenager. For me, slime was a way to express myself. I found slime was helping me cope with anxiety and stress. I found the sensory aspect kept my hands busy and entertained my brain, sort of like a fidget toy. I played with slime at school. I take it everywhere I go. I even bring slime to therapy. This is where I got the idea to write this blog post about the therapeutic benefits of slime. I talked with my therapist about how slime was helping me and even talked about how many emails I was getting from customers talking about how slime helped them as well. Plenty of these customers struggled with stress, anxiety, ADHD, and more; just like I was. A customer just this month actually emailed us to tell her story as a mother of two young twin boys, one of which is a child with autism. She told us that we should make a video about the therapeutic benefits of slime after seeing how her sons reacted to the slimes she purchased from us. This put a real smile on my face thinking about how much joy slime could bring to not only me but thousands of people. Slime can relieve stress and anxious feeling because the textures, scents, pretty looks, and additions to the slime are all stimulating for the brain. I made a small collection below of my personal favorite “therapeutic” slimes. However, all slime can be therapeutic and its a personal choice as to which slime catches your eyes. These slimes in particular are mine, but, everyone has different preferences. Personally, the slimes I find most stress relieving are the soft and stretchy slimes with a calming scent; Sweet Dreams Buttercream is a soft butter slime scented with lavender essential oils and has the cutest glitters, topped off with a sheep charm! And crunchy slimes because of the “crunch” and “pop” noises as well as how the beads feel so satisfying in your hands when you play with them; Gummy Bear Crunch is a crunchy clear microfloam scented like gummy bears and comes with a gummy bear charm! These are just two of my top picks when I’m feeling stressed but I have tons more in the collection if you’d like to see more of my favorites. Thank you for reading and thank you to the amazing customers who have shared their stories with me and inspired me to make this blog post! I hope to do more in the future to benefit mental health because it is something that is so important! I am donating slimes to therapists locally to have for their clients to keep them relaxed and joyful in a safe space just as a start! Take care <3 - Marisa.